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AstchannelsLive 5.0.8(2020-06-27) 
Support Asterisk 13 and 16 Working with (Legacy)chan_sip extensions,
DO NOT WORK WITH PJSIP(at this time)

AstchannelsLive 5.0 
Support Asterisk 10 and 11. New Session Manager,you can manage your connections.
AstchannelsLive 4.0 
More functionality like HangUp,Park Call,Pick Call parked,Call Monitor/Record,Spy & Whisper,Transfer, Transfer to Queue,Transfer to Conference,Originate calls. Also there is a new function filter the panels based on extension entered, it help us to find some range of extensions. A new action is found at the context menu, this help us to display all information that we need about that(SIP,IAX2,DAHDI).

Astchannelslive Astchannelslive
AstchannelsLive 3.0 
AstChannelsLive 3.0 have new features like Queue(Calls,Completed,abandone,Queued,AVG Holdtime),Agent(count,ready,talking),more Peer details, details can be selected,and you can choose which info must be show also.

AstchannelsLive 2.4 
AstChannelsLive is a windows Programm, which we can see all Asterisk channels On RealTime with windows Forms, written in C# ,you can change the font,Color also you can choose which peer must be shown,and which one must be first.it is easy,Enjoy it.